Candle Belle®

Available by subscription only.

Please note : For new subscriptions placed before 23:59 on Thursday 20th April, you will receive April's #MEGAMELTBOX a few days later. You will then be recharged on Monday 1st May for May's #MEGAMELTBOX. If you subscribe after Thursday 20th April your first #MEGAMELTBOX will be posted on Wednesday 3rd May. Thereafter payments are taken on the first day of the month.

**We reserve the right to substitute a maximum of one fragrance in your first box, in the event that we have sold out**

You will receive a neatly presented box of 9 Candle Belle Mega Melts® every month, in our selection of fragrances, and including free postage, for £12.50 a month.  

The automatic initial subscription period is 3 months.  After this period has passed, your subscription will continue, but you may cancel anytime.

There will be no fragrance repeats during the initial 3 month subscription period.  You will receive 27 unique fragrances.

 Open fragrance descriptions in a new window.

The first payment of £12.50 is charged at the time of subscription, with the first box posted on the second working day of the following month.

Boxes are posted on the second working day of the month via Royal Mail 2nd Class Post.

To subscribe simply click the "Add to Cart" button above, ensure that you have no other items in your cart, and proceed to Checkout.

 Our Mega Melts® are essentially posh pots of strongly scented soy wax, which when used in your warmer, will allow you to introduce a wealth of fab fragrances into your home.

They may be used in any electric wax warmer, or in a tealight burner (using your own discretion).

Our Mega Melts® may also be used in proprietary melt cup warmers, albeit not directly. Simply retain a few empty proprietary melt cup containers and decant our wax into them before use.

We advise a burn time range of 30-40 hours for electric warmers, and 16-19 hours for tealight burners. As electric warmers operate at lower, more uniform temperatures than tealight burners, any wax melt, ours included, will last longer when used in one of these.

Mega Melts® may be quartered, halved or used whole depending on the fragrance intensity required.

Individual net wax weight 50g. Individual gross product weight 60g. Individual product dimensions 74mm diameter x 32mm height.

Labelled in accordance with BS EN 15494:2007, including relevant CLP information. Safety data sheets in accordance with REACH Regulation EC No.1907/2006 are available to stockists upon request.