What you get:

#CANDLESUB subscribers receive a single candle every month, for £12.50 including postage within the UK.

Customers may also "double up" to receive two different fragrance candles every month, for £20.00 including postage within the UK.

Fragrance preferences:

The dropdown box above entitled "Fragrance Preference" contains all possible / available combinations of our five fragrance families. You must select whichever combination best suits your particular tastes. This information will then help guide us in selecting your candle fragrance(s) each month. There will be no fragrance repeats over a rolling 6 month period.

View our fragrances, descriptions and families here

Candle types:

We produce two candle types; a single wick 75mm diameter jar and a twin wick 85mm diameter jar. For both, net wax weights are in the range 240g-250g, and burn times are in the range 50-70 hours.

#CANDLESUB subscribers receive a single candle each month, which Candle Belle selects from the two candle types mentioned above. During your initial 3 month contract period you may receive three of one candle type and none of the other, or a mixture of both candle types; this is all part of the nature of the #CANDLESUB subscription. "Double up" subscribers receive two candles per month, but the same applies as regards possible candle type combinations.

Payments, dates and terms:

For new subscriptions your first payment is taken immediately, and your first #CANDLESUB is posted a few days later. Thereafter payments are taken automatically each month on the "monthly anniversary" of signing up and orders dispatch a few days later via Royal Mail 2nd Class Post.

The initial subscription tie-in period is 3 months during which you may not cancel. After this period has passed, your subscription will continue, but you may cancel at any stage. Please do not subscribe if you do not intend to see out the 3 month tie-in period; payment default or billing cancellation before this period has elapsed is breach of contract under law.

To subscribe:

Simply choose between single or double subscription and indicate your fragrance preferences using the dropdown box above, then click "Add to Cart" and proceed to Checkout.

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