Mega Melts


We looked at our original wax melt, which had proven so popular with you guys, and identified ways to improve upon it. Firstly the weight has been significantly increased; previously 34g net, now 50g net. Same fragrance strength, just more to enjoy. Partly to achieve this size increase, but also to benefit from a greater inherent resilience to heat, we upgraded the clear plastic containers to a top quality item manufactured in the UK.

Our unique blend of natural soy wax, premium fragrance oil and dye, is then hand poured into the pot, under temperature controlled conditions, to help guard against flaws in the finished product. On the outside, our hand drawn logo shines; literally. Our premium, textured paper labels have been stamped with stylish silver foil, which contrasts beautifully with both our striking dyed wax and co-ordinating label colours. Our Mega Melt is much more than the sum of its' parts.