Mega Melts


Our Aromapods® are essentially posh pots of strongly scented soy wax, which when used in your warmer, will allow you to introduce a wealth of fab fragrances into your home. They may be used in any electric wax warmer, or in a tealight burner (using your own discretion). Aromapods® may also be used in proprietary melt cup warmers, albeit not directly. Simply retain a few empty proprietary melt cup containers and decant our wax into them before use.

We advise a burn time range of 30-40 hours for electric warmers, and 16-19 hours for tealight burners. As electric warmers operate at lower, more uniform temperatures than tealight burners, any wax melt, ours included, will last longer when used in one of these. Aromapods® are formed with six segments, so simply break off the amount needed to provide the fragrance intensity you enjoy. Individual net wax weight 48g. Individual product dimensions 74mm diameter x 21mm height.