3 Twin Wick Candles Bundle

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Since opening in 2012 Candle Belle has handmade thousands of candles, using a total of nine different glass containers, as well as spending countless hours testing many others, which didn't make the grade. So we've gained our fair share of experience.

After much deliberation we reached the conclusion that offering several different candle types just didn't make sense.

Instead, we decided to pour all of our resources into developing a single candle, which would excel in terms of scent throw, be attractive, unique and distinctive. Ten months later, the result was our Twin Wick Candle.

Our choice of glass jar has a wide neck and perfectly straight sides, maximizing the area of melted wax in contact with the air, and thereby ensuring the best possible fragrance release.

Twin cotton and paper filament wicks further enhance the scent throw of the candle, by forming a melt pool much faster, and as a result, releasing fragrance sooner.

Our unique blend of natural soy wax, premium fragrance oil and dye, is then hand poured into the jar, under temperature controlled conditions, to help guard against flaws in the finished product.

On the outside, our hand drawn logo shines; literally. Our premium, textured paper labels have been stamped with stylish silver foil, and our satin aluminium screw lids have been beautifully embossed.

Both elements, together with our striking dyed wax, and co-ordinating label colours, provide a cohesive, chic aesthetic, designed to sit comfortably in any home interior.

We're exceptionally proud to say, that from bottom to top, not a single compromise has been made in the development and handcrafting of the Twin Wick Candle.

Burn time range 50-70 hours. Individual net wax weight 240g. Individual gross product weight 470g. Individual product dimensions 85mm diameter x 75mm height.

Labelled in accordance with BS EN 15494:2007, including relevant CLP information. Safety data sheets in accordance with REACH Regulation EC No.1907/2006 are available to stockists upon request.


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